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Dentist office in Davie

Here at CleverTooth, we look forward to being the one and only dental practice you need for your entire family. From restorations to cosmetic care, routine checkups to emergency attention, and from everyday services to ones that unique, our Davie dentist is pleased to make certain that you, our valued patient, has full access to the benefits of dental technology while also enjoying the comfort and friendliness of our cozy office.

It may seem like a simple thing, but an advancement such as digital radiography means so much. Old fashioned x-rays are associated with much greater radiation exposure. Digital images,including 3D, have far less, and they also give our Davie dentist more detailed and vivid images with which to provide even better, more timely, more precise treatment. Sometimes, no matter how much care is taken, root canal or a tooth extraction are inevitable. Our Davie dentist keeps you feeling at ease, because in addition to skilled and gentle care done under local anesthesia, you can also take advantage of sedation dentistry to overcome nervousness and fear entirely. It’s yet another aspect of our practice that sets us apart from others. Outstanding care ranges from restorations, including fillings, ceramic crowns, bridges, and dentures. We even offer state-of-the-art dental implants for the ideal and most natural looking and feeling tooth replacement available. If you or your child have a dental emergency, you can depend on our office for immediate attention. Less critical, but just as important is having an attractive smile. With veneers and teeth whitening, that’s not only possible, but a sure thing.

If you’re a first time patient, why not set up an appointment for an initial oral examination right now? The sooner that you get started, the more quickly you’ll be assuring yourself of maximum oral health now and in the long term.

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